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'Soul Tied Soul Tied to God - a Series of encouraging chapters and devotionals and sharing of real events To God'
As a little child - Jesus Said
"Come Unto Me"

Learn how to walk without fear - from awesome true
supernatural experiences with God as the author shares her
true life encounters that will blow your mind!

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About The Author
'Soul Tied To God'

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Does Evil Exist?

Find Encouragement:

As she he shares how she learned To Be "Soul Tied To God"
Check in often for chapters and ongoing miracles as she shares her
personal experiences from years past and with current events.

We also want to hear about Your Soul Tied Experiences

'Your prayers are so precious and appreciated'.

Things are About To Change
Get To Know How To Use The Word of God In Your Life
In Our Communities

If You Believe and Can be part of the Encouragement Prayer below for Our Town
 and Every Community Seeking a
Peaceful quality of life and a
Cleansing revival for Pure Hearts and a
Blessed and Happy Community.

Let's Get Rid of Page Trauma Stress

Remember that we battle not against Flesh and Blood
but Powers and Principalities
The Children Are Our Inheritance and We Need Them To Know The Power of The Word

Lean not unto your own Understanding -
But Trust In The Lord
Do not look at circumstances.....
Always be like a child... and Trusting Like A Child's Faith in Your Father.
Be Bold with Encouragement of
God's Power of the Prayer of Agreement and With Your Spoken Words !

"Soul Tied To God"
A continuing ongoing saga....
Page News Segments on
How God Does The Job

Taking Care of People - Working Together

It's a community Affair
Elections are always a way to express what you want your community to represent
by the Leaders YOU VOTE FOR.

If you get discouraged...
Start singing daily...
I Got the Power.. remember that song???

Let's get the Power all around our circumstances...
Together we can do all things Through Christ!

I've Got A New Attitude!!!
Remember that song?

Get the Power by Putting God First Today

Get The Power
With The Spoken Word


Visit us @ Taking Care of

Let's have a Revival In Our Town
Our Town can be a wonderful place for people to come and live and grow!

Honey makes Special Laughing and Happiness "Dust"
and She sings in Luray ......

We can still hear Mr. Rogers song....

It's a Lovely Day in Our Town Today -
A Lovely Day in Our Town Today

Won't you be - Won't you be -
Won't you be our neighbor?

Don't Worry Be Happy

Honey's Happiness and Laughing "Dust" Is not Cheap...
It's available to all Laughing and Praying Pardoners !!!

Don't Worry, Be Happy, Tomorrow's Another Day!

Every Day is a Challenge - But We Keep Getting
Back Up Into The Groove with Perseverance

Let Us all start enjoying a
Personal Relationship with our Heavenly Father

People walking and speaking the Word of Bring Heaven To Earth

Let's help others know how awesome it is to know our soul is saved
and stop sinning and now that there are consequences of sin....

Let's bring in Righteousness Through the Blood of Christ and
Let's Speak The Word of God in Authority as the Children of the King of Kings.
Teach Children about the Covenant of the Blood of Jesus that gives us
Power over Darkness and Wickedness.

Mr. J is Covered in the Blood of Jesus, his mind, emotions and whole being

Our Children are our Future and
Need To Be Covered By Prayers

and Taught How to Love and Honor and Respect to
Grow Into Who God Created Them To Become!

Let's join together and SPEAK the Word Of God In Jesus Name to
Glorify God and not to bring attention to ourselves!

Do Not whine or complain -
Don't allow darkness to over come you....

Teach our children who they are in Christ

As a New Person in Christ - You are Now Walking with POWER
with the Anointed One... Who is the Truth and Grace that stands before God
as long as we do not complain, disobey and do not fret...

When we speak and sing it - even when we don't feel like it... Continue to speak and sing....
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow -
Praise God All Creatures Here Below...
Praise God Among Ye Heavenly Hosts -
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
Let's join together

in Our Town in the name of
Jesus through the Blood of Jesus. 
Jesus The Beginning and the End -
Author and Maker of all things.

Jesus Christ Does Set YOU FREE!!!
Emotionally, physically, psychologically - if you put yourself in
His Word and be cleansed with the washing of His Word
and put yourself among others that believe and can encourage each other.
Do not feel alone - seek out others that will encourage and help strengthen you!

Elders and Grandparents are a good source to go to

Parents teach children and Grandparents Praise and Encourage Grandchildren

Christ is The Anointed One -  That was before the earth was spoken into existence.
He is the spirit of Truth and He Rules and reigns in the hearts of those that seek TRUTH!

Even the Critters Feel the Presence of God
God is all around us... just look and see His Presence!

He has already conquered death and all wickedness -
We just need to walk with Him and Put His Word Into Our Lives by
Speaking His Word Over Our Children, Our Lives,
Our Government, our personal issues, circumstances and everything that concerns us.

Pray for America, Our Troops, and the Peace of Isreal and that we won't be caught in the Winter

Get it into Your Spirit that He makes things New,
Even those things you've done in Sin -
He Makes Miracles and Blessings Happen out of our Sins
For YOU for His Glory!
Conditionally - Only When  you walk in obedience and abide in him living and walking in His Faithfulness...

We ....  You and I and Every Believer has the authority to command in the name of Jesus to
Command that the wicked one HAS to RESTORE what has been stolen  - 
In Every Way for Every Person that Expects To
Receive the complete Restoration of what the Wicked One has taken!
When You Walk in the Supernatural of God's Obedience for
His Promises and Authority over wickedness In Jesus Name!
But do not walk alone....   You Need Leadership and Elders To Help You Be Strong!

We all have to find the Truth through our own windows in our souls

Read the scriptures for yourself -
ook up in search engine what you need to know

Know that some of the english words have different meanings from the original greek translations
that bring a total different light on the Living Scripture - Dig Deep and Deeper and Ask The Spirit of Truth to Teach You
That is the Holy Spirit that will Teach You - as you sleep, work, play and all during the day.
Pray for understanding when you read the word.

Speak Words of Power and Might from the Word of God

No weapon formed against the people will prosper -
All wickedness and non Holy words and deeds are
confused and exposed and deemed powerless.

God is in charge Arising in the People of Our Town - as they
Speak the Word of God in Truth to Arise and Be The Leader and Maker of our
Community and Savior and Head of our Community as the people surrender to Him and
Speak His Words into manifestation into our
closets, bedrooms, homes, offices, streets, communities, court rooms,
hallways, restaurants, jail cells, doctors offices,
school rooms and in the seats and desks of
everyone with any authority of any capacity in Page County...

In Jesus Name - Our Town is Under the Power of the Blood of
Jesus Christ and the Captives Are Set Free In Jesus Name.

If you agree with this prayer -
Send an email to be put on our Prayer of Agreement List
Prayer Brings Down the Power and Glory of God
Know that you are not alone - But we are a peculiar people -
Demanding that the Power that God Gave us To Bring Heaven To Earth -
This Will Be when we pray as he taught us to pray every day no matter where we are any time of day:

Our Children copy what they see us do

Our Father, Who Art in Heaven - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Thy Kingdom Come - Thy Will Be Done On Earth as it is in Heaven!

Give us This Day and Every Day - Our Daily Bread to Stand Strong and Look and Abide in You
And Lead Us Not Into Temptation to walk in fear and Deliver us from the evil one.

For Thine Is the Kingdom - The Power and All the Glory
- over all our affairs, issues, children, grandchildren, neighbors and community!!!

For Ever and Ever!

Encouragement for Elders in our Community -
We Are The Church
When Two or More are Gathered Together in Jesus Name...

Let's Start Acting Like It!!!

Men need to Lead our young people by example

Men Rise up and Lead

Be the men you need to be and
walk around the buildings of our community and claim them for
Truth and Setting People Free in the Name of Jesus.

Women need to teach children honor, respect, intregrity, manners, boundries,

Women Rise up and Teach
Be Virtuous and diligent with your words of encouragement and prayer over
every thought, concern, issue, conversation and all decisions!

God is Everywhere You Just Need To Look For Him

God is Everywhere - You Just Have To Look For Him!

Cast all thoughts of despair down and stomp on them and
Dance To God With Joy and Happiness
EVERY Circumstance... to
Bring Down Heaven upon Your Matters, Concerns and Issues.
and Teach Your Children To Pray and Dance Unto the Lord
Do Not Be Afraid - Be Bold - For the Lord Thy God Is With You!

In Community Concern and Christ's Love

Steve and Bonnie Kaufmann,
Be Soul Tied To God -
Do not allow fear any place and stomp it out!!!
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